Hartley Vale once had 600 people living there, with dwellings for the miners and their families, a post office, butchery and bakery and the Company School. 
About 1.5 km westwards from Hartley Vale you will find historical Collitt's Inn.
This road was used by the early Mail Coach to Bathurst. The Coachman, James Watsford would spend the night at Collits' Inn after the difficult descent - on Mt York Road you will see a memorial to him.
Lockyer's Pass leads to a picnic ground on the Hartley Vale road - along this road you will discover varied native vegetation and birds. 
Near the bottom you will see evidence of the building of the road with sandstone edgings and stonework where road-building commenced.
It runs off Mt.York Road - to the western side.
There is parking for cars where the paths lead off to Lawson's and Lockyers walks.
Historical features and other points of interest have been signposted along the walk and you will discover some of our magnificent views.
Old Shale Railway walk
This walk follows the path of the railway which until about 1913 used to bring the shale up from Hartley Vale.
A level ground 'easy walk - approx 1 hour return.
Cox's Road
Cox's Road Walk is from the top of Mt. York to Hartley Vale Road.
This walk is steep in areas but not terribly difficult.
Walking Shoes are recommended.  Approx . 1 hour descent.
Bushwalking in the Hartley area
'Historic Bushwalks'
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In Hartley Vale - close to the 'Comet Inn' you will find directions to - Lawson Long Alley & Lockyers Track - Plus Other Walking Tracks.
Lawson Long Alley & Lockyers TrackPlus Other Walking Tracks.
Lawsons Long Alley
When Victoria Pass opened in 1832 this road which opened in 1824 was closed.
This undulating 'easy'  walk takes approx. 2.5 hours
Lockyers' Pass
Because Victoria Pass was opened in 1832, this road was not completed.
An undulating, 'easy' walk
Berghofer's Pass
This walk follows the road that was built by 'Berghofer' because Victoria Pass was too steep for the new 'motor cars'
It is a gently sloping 'easy' walk taking approx. 1.5 hours return.
This historic & famous road was the first road over the mountains.  It was built in 1815 but not used after 1824.  Governor Macquarie travelled down the new road in 1815 and the road had to be widened for his carriage - the pick marks at the top of Mt York were made by the convicts when widening the road.
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This walk starts beside Hartley Vale Road and the Darling Causeway junction.
The walk is to the top of the cliff  where the railway carriages plunged steeply down to the shale works in the valley below - remains of railway workings can still be seen.
The views are stunning looking down into the valley to Hartley Vale, The Comet Inn & in the distance Collits' Inn.
The walking track begins right at the end of Mt. York Road - you will find it is marked to guide you down to the valley. 
Many accounts are recorded of the dangerous descents with loaded bullock wagons -  at one time a log bridge existed to enable them to descend - traces of it can still be seen today in the form of gouges in the rocks.

On Mt York Road you will find traces of two wells thought to be the site of a construction camp for the making of Cox's Road.
Again, the views to the Valley and beyond are beautiful.
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Hartley Historic Bush Walks
Access to Lawsons Long Alley can be found on Mt. York road.  There are well marked signs indicating the early roads.

Lawsons Long Alley is along the east side of Mt York descending to the old shale mining town of Hartley Vale.
In Hartley Vale you will find the Comet Inn (1879) which was the headquarters of the Comet Kerosene Company who mined shale in Hartley Vale from 1865 to 1913.