The Zig Zag Railway -
John Whitton, chief engineer of the NSW Government Railways, designed a 'Zig-Zag' line - a series of gently sloping ramps in the form of a letter 'Z' - which alternately push and pull trains down the escarpment.
Located 10 km east of Lithgow, at Clarence, the Zig Zag Railway, passes over three wonderful sandstone viaducts and through two hand-hewn tunnels plus a cutting.  The views during its descent from the Blue Mountains into the Lithgow Valley are striking..
By the beginning of the 20th century rail traffic over the Blue Mountains was heavy and the single track was inadequate. A ten-tunnel line was constructed through the escarpment and completed in 1910 bypassing the zig-zag line.
Nowadays steam trains operate on weekends, public holidays and most school holidays. A diesel-powered vintage motor runs during the week and includes a tour of the workshop and gives you more time to study the viaducts and scenery.
Zig Zag Railway
Zig Zag Railway Viaduct
For news on the Zig Zag Railway re-opening after the 2013 fire - detailed information on Dates, Bookings and more - Visit the Zig Zag Railway Website
Special Events at Zig Zag Railway..
Follow the link below to check out dates, times, booking forms for some of
these Special Events -
  • Wizards Express - Enjoy the magic and the mystery of the Zig Zag Railway’s Harry Potter themed Wizards Express - two hours of magical fun & laughter combined with a train ride.
  • Friends of Thomas - See Thomas the Tank Engine and friends - Have a Steam Train ride, explore 'Kingsley' the tank engine, jumping castle, merry-go-round, face painting, heaps of photo opportunities & more.
  • Charter the Blue Train for your Special Event - the Blue Train consists of SA & Qld Carriages dating from 1889
  • Special Dinner Trains...
Zig Zag Railway, Lithgow, Blue Mountains and Central Tablelands NSW Australia
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Hartley historic village
Zig Zag Railway
Zig Zag Railway Station
Zig Zag Railway Top Point.
Train Lovers..Fun Activities...
The very popular Great Train Weekend is held annually at Mount Victoria.
Normally held in May because Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth first crossed the area in May 1813 and in May 1868 the railway arrived in town. 
The Great Train Weekend is a very enjoyable and affordable weekend held in a village where you step back in time to the last authentic 19th Century village in the Blue Mountains - Mount Victoria the crossroads of the Blue Mountains.  The village is now heritage listed and hosts a number of historic buildings.
What you can expect throughout the weekend -
Model train exhibions, great food, markets, children's activities, excursions to the Zig Zag railway and an antique toy and model train auction.
Esbank House
Blue Mountains NSW
Visit the magnificent Blue Mountains area in NSW Australia
Mount Victoria Blue Mountains NSW
A charming historic village in the  Blue Mountains NSW
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