Harp of Erin, Williams Store and Little Hartley Post Office
Hartley historic village
Hartley Vale, Blue Mountains NSW
Hartley historic village
Hartley, Hartley Vale, Little Hartley
in the Kanimbla Valley Blue Mountains NSW
  • Lawsons Long Alley opened in 1824 and was closed when Victoria Pass opened in 1832
  • Lockyer's Pass was never completed because Victoria Pass was opened.
  • From The Darling Causeway you can follows the path of the railway which used to bring the shale up from Hartley Vale - Old Shale Railway Walk.
  • Berghofer's Pass came about because Victoria Pass was too steep for motor cars - Berghofer made the road.
  • Cox's Road Walk -  from the top of Mt. York to Hartley Vale Road.
  • Cox's Road was the first road over the mountains, built in 1815 but not used after 1824.
In Hartley Vale - close to the 'Comet Inn' you will find directions to - Lawson Long Alley & Lockyers Track
Plus Other Walking Tracks.
Slideshow covering different aspects of the Hartley area..
Slideshow of Hartley historic village...
Slideshow covering aspects of the Hartley area..
After the decline in Hartley as a township from the late 1800's, in latter years we are seeing the redevelopment of the areas of Hartley, Hartley Vale and Little Hartley.  Now with sub-divisions through the areas there are many new residents.
Some of the historic buildings have been turned into elegant accommodation and restaurant facilities and there are other new hide-away rural retreats.  Old stores have become new stores and more new stores have been built - offering a range of services from rural supplies and local produce to cafes and take-aways, real estate agents, as well as some art and craft galleries.
Hartley is situated at the bottom of Victoria Pass, on the great western highway in the valley between Mount Victoria and Lithgow
Hartley, Hartley Vale & Little Hartley are early 'explorer country' areas in NSW Blue Mountains & Central Tablelands.  The area also encompasses Glenroy and Hampton.
About Hartley, Hartley Vale, Little Hartley & Glenroy
Some Slide Shows of the Hartley areas:
The Slide shows cover different aspects of areas around Hartley including the Hartley historic village buildings.
Information on Hartley Historic Areas:
The Historic Bushwalks in the Hartley area:
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The Hartley area provides a great insight into NSW settlement  and early Australian History with some wonderful fully restored and operational historic buildings - apart from the beautifully preserved buildings in Hartley historic village.
Buildings such as the Comet Inn (now a Guest House, B & B with restaurant) and Collit's Inn in Hartley Vale, Rosedale in Little Hartley (now Hartley Valley Holiday Farm) and the old Harp of Erin, Williams Store and Little Hartley Post Office which are classified in the National Trust Register and on the National Heritage Commission data base.
When the Victoria Pass road was completed in 1832, the doorway to the west was open and settlement in Hartley, at the base of the hill, began in earnest. The next 50 years saw Hartley grow into a bustling township surrounded by churches, a post office, stage coach facilities, and inns. 
Unfortunately, Hartley was by-passed by the railway and, over a period, fell into disuse.  Luckily, today we are left with a remarkable remnant of a town largely unchanged since the mid-nineteenth century.
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As well as the historic attractions there are more magnificent blue mountains scenic sights, adventure activities such as horse riding and fishing and close by the beautiful Jenolan Caves and the Zig Zag Railway
Also just a short distance away are all the activities and sights of the upper Blue Mountains in Mount Victoria, Blackheath & Katoomba plus the attractions and activities of the Lithgow area,
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