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175th Anniversary Celebration of Victoria Pass
Saturday 20th October 2007
Celebrations were held at both Mount Victoria and Hartley Historic Villages for the 175th Anniversary Celebration of Victoria Pass
Victoria Pass, Blue Mountains NSW
Victoria Pass plaque 1832
Pass of Victoria
Toll house, Mount Victoria Blue Mountains NSW.
Mount Victoria village, Blue Mountains NSW
Honouring the great structural feat of Major Sir Thomas Mitchell.
Due to his foresight, Victoria Pass became “the Gateway to the West”, changing the face of NSW from being a Penal Colony, to opening the whole of Australia.
A 'Great' Day!  had by all who attended...
Hope to see you for the 200th celebration in 2032
Hartley Historic Village
Looking across to Victoria Pass
Mount Victoria Village
Celebrations at Mount Victoria & Hartley
Hartley historic village, Blue Mountains NSW
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The 175th Anniversary of Victoria Pass was celebrated with much pomp and ceremony in  Mt. Victoria Village and Hartley Historic Village on Saturday the 20th October.
The eventfull day was the result of much planning and co-operative effort and came together with great enjoyment for all who attended.
Historic Cars and Bikes forged a trail connecting the 2 villages and Mountain bikes did a circuit of the Pioneering tracks.

A performance in Mt Victoria’s Memorial Park & Hartley historic village, by a colonial military re-enactment society, was a highlight of the celebration.

There was a plaque unveiling ceremony and some tree planting.   The Lithgow City Band played and a performance was given by the local school choir.
For easier transport, the trolley bus made regular 'round circuit runs, picking up and dropping off passengers where desired.

All who attended experienced a day full of History, Ceremonies of importance and  Fun activities.
At the end of the day, all agreed, harmony and goodwill had made the Historic happening a wonderful memory for all.