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Lithgow Building & Trade Services - Houses, Kit homes, Barns, Garages &  Sheds. home additions, joinery, restorations and renovating, security products, building trades - bricks, sheet metal, industrial services, kitchens.
Lithgow Business & Home Services  - computers, engineering, security products and services, sheet metal, industrial services, event, party & general hire and venue & event security, solar and glass products, transport services.
Lithgow Rural Services - Farm Trees, farm sheds, farm supplies, water services - tanks, tank repairs, irrigation, pumps, water drilling, regional produce, landscaping supplies and nurseries, buy and sell grain online, farm machinery, machinery sales.
Lithgow Trade, Building, Rural, Business & Home Services
Lithgow & surrounding areas - Building & Trade Services, Business & Home Services, Rural Services
Computer Services, Repairs
Computer service, repairs, wireless broadband
Glass, Leadlight supplies
All Glass, Leadlight requirements.
Farm Sheds, Farm Supplies-
Stockfeed, Seeds, Sheds, Tanks, fencing materials..
BUILDING SERVICES - Restorations, Renovating
Home improvements, kitchens, renovation finance. Building trades people - Painters, plumbers, electicians.  Solar Products, Solar hot water, Spas, Swimming Pools & Solar Pool heating.
Event & General Hire
Equipment Hire, Party Hire, Wedding Hire
Buildings, Houses, Kit Homes, Barns, Garages, Sheds - Joinery - Home Additions - Renovating
Builders, Building Supplies, Kit Homes, - Bricks, Pavers, Kitchens, Windows & Doors, buildings for residential, industrial commercial & rural applications, Solar Products, Secuirty Products.  Timber doors, windows, gates.  Awnings, Pergolas, Garages, Carports, Garden Sheds,sheet metal, industrial services.
B. C. Industries are your one stop shop for Pressure Welding, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Stainless Steel, Aluminium Products & Fabrication, Pipework insulation & cladding and plant maintenance.  Bathurst & Central West NSW Engineering & Metal Fabrication.
B.C. Industries
Sheet Metal Fabrication - pressure welding, pipework insulation & cladding, agricultural hardfacing....
Transport Services
Refrigerated Transport - Bulk Haulage, Warehouse Depot
Computers - computer services, repairs, replacements.  Engineering - workshop & on-site design & project management services. Event, Party & General Hire - equipment hire.  Glass & Leadlight supplies, Venue and Event security services, Security Products - security doors, security screens, INVISI-GARD security products.  Shower Leak Repairs, Solar Products, Solar hot water, Solar Pool heating, sheet metal, industrial services.  Transport Services - refrigerated transport, bulk haulage with warehouse depots. Mobility Aids - Wheelchairs, Scooters, Walkiing Frames. 
Farm Trees, Farm Sheds, Rural buildings, Rural Supplies:  Stockfeed, seeds, sheds, tanks, trees, fencing materials.  Buy and Sell Grain online. Landscaping, Nursery supplies:  Plants, seedlings, pots, roses, farm trees, cool climate plants, pavers, retaining walls.  Machinery:  Machinery sales - farm machinery, tractors, earth moving equipment, machinery finance, auctions, online auctions.   Water Services:  Tanks, Tank Cleaning, repairs, Irrigation systems, Pumps, Water Drillers.
 Commercial, Industrial, Rural buildings, Garages, Awnings, Carports, Barns. G & S Sheds your Fair Dinkum distributor.
G & S Sheds
Your 'Fair Dinkum' Homes & Sheds distributor - Commercial, Industrial, Rural buildings, Garages, Awnings, Carports, Barns.
Your Fair Dinkum distributor, G & S Sheds supply buildings for residential, industrial, commercial  and rural applications throughout Lithgow, Hartley & surrounding areas in the Blue Mountains, Central Tablelands & Central West of NSW, Australia.
G & S Sheds
Your 'Fair Dinkum' Homes & Sheds distributor - Farm Sheds, Barns, Rural buildings..more
Solar Products
Solar Hot Water Systems, Solar Pool Heating
Horse Related Services:
Training, breaking, riding lessons....

Powder Monkey Business
PO Box 91, Wallerawang NSW 2845
Lithgow, Hartley NSW attractions, activities, events, accommodation, restaurants, cafes, shops and shopping.  Lithgow, Hartley real estate, real estate agents, artists, art galleries, art, professionals, financial, business, home & trade services, weddings, conventions, functions, theatres, kids and pets, rural and equipment supplies, builders, building and renovating.  Lithgow health services, lifestyle, local produce, entertainment, education, sports, training and transport.  Historical villages and sites, Hartley, Hartley Vale, Glenroy, Hampton, Portland, Rydal, Marrangaroo & Wallerawang.
The Lithgow Town and Around Website
Lithgow, early 'explorer country' in NSW Central Tablelands, Central West & Blue Mountains
Visit Hartley | Little Hartley | Hartley Vale | Glenroy | Hampton | Portland | Rydal | Marrangaroo | Wallerawang
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The Portland, Wallerawang and Cullen Bullen area is part of the gateway to the Central West and is ideally located between Oberon, Mudgee, Bathurst, Lithgow and Katoomba, Blackheath in the Blue Mountains.
Visit Portland-nsw
Fishing, National Parks, Signs of Yesteryear
Buildings, Kit Homes
Bricks and Pavers
Farm Sheds, Farm Trees
Garages. Joinery
Home Additions
Industrial Supplies
Bricks and Pavers
Buy : Sell Grain
Farm Sheds, Farm Trees
Garages. Joinery
Security Products
Sheet Metal Products
Solar Hot Water
Swimming Pools
Kitchens, renovating
Pergolas, Awnings
Renovation Finance
Sheet Metal Products
Solar Hot Water
Transport Services
Venue Security
Wireless Broadband
Computer Supplies
Computer Repairs
Event Hire
Garages. Joinery
General Hire
Glass, Leadlight Supplies
Industrial Supplies
Landscaping, Nurseries
Mobility Aids
Security Products
Machinery Finance
Machinery Sales
Tank Cleaning
Transport Services
Water Services
Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Lithgow Trade, Building, Rural, Business & Home Services
Lithgow & surrounding areas - Building & Trade Services, Business & Home Services, Rural Services
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