Lithgow State Mine & Rail Heritage Park - displays relating to mining history, steam power and the town's rail heritage.  There are picnic areas at the powder magazines, nature trails, lovely scenery plus flora and birdlife.

Lithgow Pottery - a residence and several old brick structures - the warehouse, flue and clay store & the old buggy shed.

Lithgow Courthouse (1879) - a Federation-style brick building.
State Mine Heritage Park and Railway
Lithgow Courthouse 1879
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Lithgow State Mine & Rail Heritage Park, Lithgow Pottery, Lithgow Courthouse, Blue Mountains and Central Tablelands NSW Australia
Lithgow, Hartley
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Lithgow, Hartley early 'explorer country' in NSW Blue Mountains & Central Tablelands
including Little Hartley, Hartley Vale, Glenroy, Hampton, Portland, Rydal, Marrangaroo & Wallerawang
Lithgow State Mine & Rail Heritage Park : Lithgow Pottery : Lithgow Courthouse