Lying between Lithgow and Bathurst is the historic mining town of Portland - “the town that built Sydney”. It was once a vibrant little town built up around the Portland cement works.
Portland, apparently named after the Isle of Portland, near Dorset on the south coast of England was gazetted as a village on 3rd march 1894.  It was not declared a town until 1906.

In 1883 the railway arrived, with the station known as Cullen Siding until 1889.
Bottle Kilns circa 1888
Coronation Hotel main centre Portland
Masonic Hall in Portland circa 1923
The town has struggled to regain its former economic strength since the cement works closed. Mt Piper Power Station and the coal mines located nearby are the industrial focus of the town. People coming to enjoy a country lifestyle close to Sydney are producing an increasing number of new businesses.
Set in a rural atmosphere of sheep and cattle farms which are breaking up into smaller holdings you now also see goats, alpacas, horses, olives, chestnuts and grapevines making inroads.

You will also find a growing 'Artistic' community in and around the township.
The Portland Cement Works opened in 1902. Cement produced was shipped to Sydney (hence 'the town that built Sydney') and around Australia until the works were closed in 1991.  It is estimated that almost 18 million tonnes of limestone were quarried.
Lying between Lithgow and Bathurst is the historic mining town of Portland - “the town that built Sydney”. It was once a vibrant little town built up around the Portland cement works.
Portland, Wallerawang
& Mt Piper Power Station
Central Tablelands, Central West NSW
Cafes, Coffee Shops :  Health & Wellbeing - Natural Therapies - Aromatherapy, Remedial Massage.
A power generating plant was built at Wallerawang in the late 1950s, and, in latter years Mt Piper Power Station opened near Portland. These stations created a ready market for the local coal.
Visit the Mt Piper Power Station Energy Expo - small groups of 1 -2 are welcome as well as bus groups.  Tours take 1 hour, Free of cost.
Open daily 9am - 4pm with Tours Mon - Fri @ 11am (except on public holidays)
350 Boulder Road, Portland NSW
Mt Piper Power Station near Portland NSW
Wallerawang Power Station
Mt Piper Power Station Energy Expo
350 Boulder Road, Portland NSW
Ron Bidwell and fellow sign writers have created colourful murals on many of the old buildings around Portland.  They have recreated the 'Signs of Yester Year' for many household name items such as Bushell's Tea, Arnott's Biscuits, Mothers Choice Flour, Uncle Tobys Oats, Kinkara Tea, Goanna Salve and more.
An attraction well worth visiting.
Dams and lakes were built in the Wallerawang area to provide water to the Power Stations.  Lake Wallace construction began in 1978 and is now a popular destination for trout fishing.
Held 3rd Saturday in October annually.
In 1893 Thomas Murray selected a portion of land on what was later to become the site of Portland and established the first lime kiln. The Cullen Bullen Lime & Cement Company commenced operations and the first cement making kilns west of the mountains were built in the late 1880's.
The two bottle kilns are still to be seen - they are located on the far side of the Cement Works from the town - on the northern edge.
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Portland Great Aussie Pie Challenge
The Portland
'Great Aussie Pie Challenge'
Portland is again hosting The 'GREAT AUSSIE PIE CHALLENGE' -
to be held during the Australia Day celebrations in Portland on Australia Day
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