Newnes-Oil Shale Industry Historic Ruins in the Wolgan Valley
As well as the historic ruins and the beautiful valley you can take the track to the Glow Worm Tunnel.

There is a camping ground at Newnes with toilet facilities.
Coke Ovens
Former Railway Station
Camping Ground at Newnes
Old Parrafin Sheds
Old wagons at Newnes
Old Newnes Hotel
Capertee - The largest enclosed valley in Australia is Capertee Valley where you will see spectacular rock formations and escarpments.
Glen Davis shale mine site - former oil shale mining town lies at the end of the spectacular escarpments of the Capertee Valley. The Glen Davis Museum has an excellent display of the town and shale mining history.
Newnes, Glen Davis Shale Mines and the Capertee Valley, Hartley, Lithgow, Blue Mountains and Central Tablelands NSW Australia
Lithgow, Hartley
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Lithgow, Hartley early 'explorer country' in NSW Blue Mountains & Central Tablelands
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Newnes, Glen Davis Shale Mines and the Capertee Valley